Running World Class Pinball Events for charity

The Inland Empire Pinball Association was an organization formed in Southern California with the purpose of generating funds for local charities through pinball tournament events.

The Inland Empire Pinball Association charity is no longer active but thanks the community for it’s support. The events run have continued on through another organization and are linked below as a courtesy.

Southern California Pinball Events:


Held each winter at The Riverside Convention Center located in downtown Riverside, CA, The INDISC Tournament Series is one of the largest and most prestigious competitive pinball events world wide and part of the Stern Pinball Pro Circuit series. INDISC gives away tens of thousands of dollars in prize money and attracts players from around the world to participate in The Open IFPA World Championships.

Visit the INDISC website for more details.

Pinball at the Lab

Held each September at the Riverside Game Lab in downtown Riverside, CA. Pinball at the Lab is the only Stern Pinball Pro Circuit series event running a Target Match Play format.

Visit the Pinball at the Lab website for more details.

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